Apr 9, 2024

Christopher Shanks

rehabs in TexasChristopher Shanks, Student

I grew up in an ordinary Christian home. I was always in church and Sunday School and I never had any trouble when it came to school. When I turned 18, I went on Myspace and a girl said that I was her half-brother. I showed my mom and that is when my downfall began. She broke down and told me that she was raped at 15 and I was the product of that attack. After learning the gruesome details my world fell apart. I started using drugs from marijuana to cocaine. I lost everything and got arrested twice in one year for theft. My parents kicked me out and I was living on my own. My mom told me about Teen Challenge of Texas and at first I was reluctant to come, but then the courts gave me no choice. My first day here I broke down and got on my knees and asked God to save me from this pain. Now I’m six months into the program and I have never been as joyful as I am today. It is by the grace of God that I know I have a future and I finally have my loving family back, too.